Evolución A Color



Over 200 guests came together on August 12th, 2017 at the Ponce Plaza Hotel and Casino to view the amazing work of Fernando Bonnin in Evolución a Color (Evolution Through Color). Friends, family and discerning art lovers and clients came together to celebrate the talents of the Ponce-born artist in a night of music, color, and energy.

As the artist’s manager and Creative Director Laura Bonnin explained, the robust exhibition was comprised of 30 large-scale works, bursting with unique shapes and colors, part of FRBonnin‘s signature, complex aesthetic. Beautiful canvases spanning 2′ to 10’ wide, displaying works of incredible detail and depth, were displayed along the ballroom in an impressive array of custom fixtures. A truly marvelous sight.

Moreover, the audience’s response to the collection was astounding (out of the 30 works, over a dozen were sold that night!) and it became evident why the artist has become such a popular name in the local art scene so quickly. About his process and inspiration, Fernando Bonnin explained “This process is very personal, the creative vein in me is bursting for as long as I can remember. I am highly inspired by paintings, film, sculpture, design, photography, just a wide variety of media.” The artist, who is also an accomplished architect and designer, says this is just the start of many great things in his art career, as he approaches his vocation with an energy and charisma that is uncommon in the industry. He added, “My hope is to gain recognition as someone serious and upstanding in the contemporary Caribbean art world and part of my mission is to awaken a deeper appreciation for art and its immense contribution to the quality of life of humanity. I want to constantly create unique pieces that project joy and peace.”

Laura Bonnin was the mastermind behind the fabulous engagement, undertaking the momentous task of curating the exhibition, producing the event, working with the venue and making sure all the moving parts were in perfect synchrony. And she did a fabulous job at that.

While champagne bubbled, “The Trio”, a talented local jazz ensemble, filled the air with Jazz, for a smooth atmosphere. Also, and to the delight of the hundreds of guests, a very special speaker took to the microphone to congratulate the artist. Beloved Puerto Rican artist Antonio Martorell (see photos below) had some great remarks about the work and the artists’ vision, applauding his efforts and the excellent caliber of the production.

Philanthropy was also present that night, as the event also serves as a fundraiser for the nonprofit organization Trinity College – Centros Sister Isolina Ferre at La Playa de Ponce, Puerto Rico.  The event, as Bonnin explains, was designed as an exhibition with the purpose to heal and inspire the community through the use of Caribbean colors and shapes. Part of the event’s proceeds from the art sales was donated to the organization. As Fernando Bonnin added, “I want to contribute to our community, and believe that the best way to do so is by supporting an educational entity that matches our values.” The organization’s mission is to educate for life, training in personal, social, technical, commercial and educational skills that allow students to be creative, responsible and self-sufficient people.

As Laura Bonnin explained, the event had the wonderful mission to unite many parts of the community. “This exhibition creates value as it celebrates the talent of a new emerging artist by sharing it with different people of different backgrounds while supporting local musicians, a local organization, and local businesses. I believe this mix will inspire the community as they create new memories participating in a new artistic environment while creating new relationships with local artists,” she added. The final product was exactly that, uniting local business owners, buyers, volunteers, friends and family in a setting of phenomenal energy, adorned by art of profound beauty. “In a broad perspective, the value of this exhibition is also for the community itself, its economic growth and the future Puerto Rican artists. I hope that the exhibition serves as a celebration and inspiration for everyone involved. In conclusion, I am very excited to be coordinating this exhibition, which will allow me to connect the community and art enthusiasts. I thank everyone for their tremendous support”, Laura Bonnin explained.

About her role as Creative Director, she explains, “Ever since I was a little girl, I had always envisioned having a career where I would be able to help other people by leading or having a managerial role. Throughout my life, I’ve been surrounded by art, history, and culture, and my passion for these fields keeps ever growing. It has shaped my perspective of life and appreciation of beauty, and as a result, I’ve decided that this is the industry I want to be a part of.” Graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design, Laura is deeply invested in the art world, using her ample toolkit to promote FRBonnin’s unique vision.

About the event, she added, “I am so proud to have organized my first large art exhibition for the person who introduced me to the world of the arts, my dad. He is the most creative, hardworking and passionate person I know. My father, Fernando Bonnin, though many people know him for his career as an architect, during the last years has been able to pursue one of his passions expressing his visions and creativity through painting.” She recognized the event as an incredible opportunity to introduce his talent to the rest of the world in his first solo exhibition.