FR Bonnin Graces the MET GALLERY at Interamerican University of Puerto Rico Metro Campus

Recently, the talented artist Fernando Bonnin, along Creative Director, Laura Bonnin, presented four original artworks for the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico’s Metro Campus.

To complement the monumental scale of the New Student Dormitories at the renowned educational center, FR Bonnin completed four large-scale new pieces enhancing the student experience thru dynamic abstract painting. As part of the impressive Art collection of the Metro Campus, the lobby for the South and North Towers have two new pieces that reinforce and articulate the architectural and geometrical elements of the space. This project is yet another occasion where Bonnin’s signature shapes and vibrant colors adorn the halls of important institutional spaces with creative artworks that bend imagination with unique chromatic escapes.

Here are some snapshots of the amazing results. Explore more of FR Bonnin’s works here.


“Verde DinĂ¡mico” 90″ x 222″ Acrylic on Canvas



“Forest of Dreams” 216″ x 41″ Acrylic on Canvas



“Intergalactic” 216″ x 102″ Acrylic on Canvas



“Dancing Through Space” 24″ x 336″ Acrylic on Canvas